If you participate in the virtual worlds Second Life or Planet Calypso you can make in-game currency with [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

It seems ok to post this here since PEDs and Lindens can be exchanged for real currency, so even if you aren't too interested in the games you can earn. You would have to join one of the worlds however, but they are free.

I signed up about 3 weeks ago for EP to use with Planet Calypso and have earned around 30 PED by watching videos, doing microtasks, and playing the digging game. Other ways to earn there are daily and weekly raffles, selling sweat for 2 PED per 1k (they buy it from you in world when the rep is online), and of course referral benefits.

I've had my PEDs transferred in-game smoothly. Glad to answer any questions or explain details to anyone interested

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