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    clicks per country?

    was not sure where to post this... but yea.
    Does the country where the account has been registered mater? and or from the country you click the ads from?
    For example on scarlet clicks.. what i found out is ONE of the good.. best? most ? paying sites? well
    i got only 17 ads which i made 0.017 that right??? to i need 30 days to make ..uhm.... i need 90 days to make one dollar? my location is in europe.....
    So can anyone from the STATES? maybe tell me how many ads you get PER day..
    if so , that means i should better use a proxy right>?

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    if u are outside usa uk canada u can't have a lot of ads
    same goes for offers,if u are not form a search country the offers u can get are usually crap.
    But there is one site that is good for europe,if u are interested send pm

    as 4 the proxy my advice is to don't use it.Better register in some good sites and then promote ur link and try to build ur downline

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