hey clickers info members this is a new site thats pay for buying shares and you could earn from 130 % to 150 % and the good thing here is the minimum of shares start from only 1 $ so if you confused and wanna give it a try start with 1 $ only and see what will happened to this 1$ so lets see how it works ...

How it works ?
Our system is designed to make everyone earn money in a very fair and simple way.
You can be a part of it when you purchase shares in our company.
When you purchase a share, you have the rights to earn a part of our revenue. And this is what is all about! As a bonus, you earn banner credits to promote your site/affiliate program of your preference.
Your shares grow according to our company. If we make money, then YOU also make money!
The more shares and products sold, the more money you make! Simple like that.
Every time a member purchase a share or any other of our products, the money are split to ALL the shares in the system, equally.
For example:
If you purchase 5 shares right now, the money you just paid are split to all other shares on that Plan in the system right now. So when other members purchase shares of the SAME price, YOUR shares will earn a part of that money, until it reaches the maximum earnings.
You can purchase shares as low as $1 USD, $5 USD or $10 USD each.
If you purchase 1 share of $10 USD each, it will start making money right away until it reaches $15 USD! So you earned $5 USD! So it can reach $15 USD in minutes or hours depending on how many shares and products are sold.
To keep our program running smoothly, you only need to surf 5 ads every 3 days so your shares can keep earning. It will help our program to continue to sale more products as Advertisement packages for example, resulting on your shares being reaching the maximum of earnings faster!
Our $10 USD shares does not require you to surf ads to earn.
We also offer a called SURF FREE if you prefer not to be surfing ads every 3 days.
You never loose money.. it does not have an estimate time for your shares to mature, but eventually it will mature, and the good thing is that you do not need to wait for it to happen in order to withdraw.. you can always withdraw your money to your processor as long as your available balance have at least $1 USD.
Below are the shares price and all the requirement for each one:
$1 USD Shares: You earn 130% on each share. You need to surf 5 ads every 3 days in order to keep earning. 10% of your earnings go to Repurchase Balance. Also Earn 100 banner credits bonus.
$5 USD Shares: You earn 140% on each share. You need to surf 5 ads every 3 days in order to keep earning. Alos Earn 600 banner credits bonus.
$10 USD Shares: You earn 150% on each share. NO surfing required in order to earn. Also Earn 1200 banner credits bonus.
We advise you to surf 5 ads right after registering, before purchasing the shares or right after purchasing the shares. Your shares will only start earning after you surf the 5 ads.
(Avoid this advise if you are purchasing the $10 USD shares only)
REMEMBER that if you have $1, $5 AND $10 shares that are active, you still have to surf ads in order for your $10 shares to earn. So if you have any doubt about it, just surf 5 ads and all will be fine!
You can always purchase SURF FREE plans and be in peace of mind!
So do you want us to resume all this in simple steps? here you go:
1. Register and login
2. Click on Add Funds and follow the transaction steps.
3. Click on Purchase shares, choose which share you want to purchase, and also follow the steps.
4. Click on "Surf Ads and visit at least 5 banner ads for 5 seconds only, each one. Or just purchase Surf Free Plans.
5. Now just relax and wacht your earnings grow by the minute.
6. Withdraw your earnings, or just purchase more shares for more powerfull earnings.
7. Refer others to our program to make an extra money. See referral details below.
If you decide to promote us, we pay up to 10% commissions, 5 levels.
Every time your downline purchase shares, you will earn commissions from the same.
Level 1: 5%
Level 2: 2%
Level 3: 1%
Level 4: 1%
Level 5: 1%

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and now the links
Referral link : [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
Non referral link :[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
also there is lot of proofs in the site ..... Give it a try its only 1 $ and see what will happened after 24 hour
Happy earning for all

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