How To Play?
Once you have used your 50 free spins, you can gain more spins by referring friends or completing tasks. There are a number of offer walls to choose from and more will be added. The fastest way to earn more spins is by watching videos on our video offerwall.
With more spins, you can play the slot machine and win prizes.

You can get Spin for this:
EASY SPIN FAUCET - Earn quick and easy spins
WATCH VIDEOS - Earn spins by watching videos
IPHONE APPS - Install Iphone apps
ANDROID APPS - Install Android apps
COMPLETE SURVEYS - Complete surveys to earn spins

Currently, all withdraws are handled via Faucet Hub but we will be adding Paypal and other Bitcoin wallets very soon.
The minimum withdrawal is 10,000 Satoshi.
We have a minimum withdrawal to help prevent people spamming accounts to win with the free 50 spins and bleed the site dry.

How We Make Our Money?
Without ads, we rely on the offerwalls to make our money.

Slot Game Odds
As with any slot gaming site, there is a house edge. There has to be, otherwise, we couldn't afford to run the site.
However, and this is where we differ drastically from other slot faucets, our payment system is a massive 70% to users and 30% to us.
We strongly believe that running a fair slot machine with profits in favor of users is the best way to build up successful site and community.

Why Use Chips?
As we all know Bitcoin is very volatile. This means that any faucet giving out Bitcoin directly has no way to sustain or manage their payouts in direct relation to the current Bitcoin price. For this reason, all prizes are issued as casino chips that can later be withdrawn as Bitcoin.

100% Paying
Minimum withdrawal is 0.00010000 BTC to Faucethub. Paypal and other Bitcoin wallets very soon!
Earn 10% referral comission
No captcha
No limits
Mobile Friendly

50 free spins on registration!

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[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]