I know this site is old, but I haven't seen many new thread about it. I'm sure lots of you have heard of [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. I have been on that site for years with over 100 referrals at one point in time making over 200 dollars in the span of half a year. Then I got banned for hacking their games. Now you're probably asking, why post this site again? It's everywhere! Swagbucks kindly allowed me to make a new account after getting banned, so I took that opportunity.

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How to make real money on swagbucks:
1. Play games. Get real good at some of them and enter the competitions. There's a specific game that allows you improve your vocabulary (for those who want to study the SAT or other tests) while playing a game while earning money! So it's a triple win! Study for the SAT while playing a game while earning money! If you get really good at some games, you can enter competitions and you'll always win more money as lots of noobs join these competitions. (Just don't hack them and get banned).

2. Search. Although their search has started giving less swagbucks now a days, you can still get lucky quite often. That's probably around 10 cents a day randomly searching now and then.

3. Watch video. This is the hardest way to make any swagbucks as you only get 3 cents for watching 10 videos, but if you actually want to watch videos as people do that anyways, it'll still be worth your time.

4. Offers. There are a lot of offers that you can do and range greatly from a few cents to a few dollars.

Overall, this site is a lot better than a single PTC site, as the amount of money you earn each day is a lot more from clicking a few ads worth less than a cent. In seconds, you can be getting 10 cents, or by playing games, you can win a dollar.

You can get paypal money, amazon gift cards, donate to charity and a whole bunch of other physical and virtual gifts!

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