FanSlave is a ground-breaking new service, which was designed to revolutionize the marketing of Fanpages. With our easy connection system you can increase the growth of your social network and therefore increase the people following your brand, your company or product.
You can use the service free of charge by joining the exchange or get professional marketing activities at very reasonable prices.
As the first provider in the world FanSlave allows you to make money with your Facebook page. After the successful registration, you can click through the pages of the FanSlave network. If you like the page, you get FanSlave credits for your efforts, which you can cash out after reaching the minimum payout of €15.
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LINK:- [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


Any real existing person may run only !one account at fanSlave
Spamming of any kind is strictly prohibited

It is illegal

to register or connect any facebook account from not existing people in our system (so-called fake accounts)
to register two or more accounts by yourself with FanSlave and register yourself as your own referal
to write to users of the fanSlave system without their consent
to use the home page or the 'Like me' link by automated routines. As far as clicks or similar result from automated routines, they will not be counted. This also applies to automated entry of data when logging in the website.


When you click on "dislike" your credits will be automatically posted back irrevocably

The Violation of the fanSlave rules will lead to immediately and irrevocably deletion of your account.
Legal consequences remain reserved.


The fanslave affiliate programm

Refer new users for fanSlave and earn money. Just send the following link to your friends, or use this link on your website. Every user who register at fanSlave, after clicking this link, is assigned to you.


*Facebook account with 5 friends plus

*Profile picture

*Fanslave account


1.Register first Fanslave, Fans, Fan, Facebook, Network, Get
Or here: sign-up click here

2.Sign in your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ account

3.Sign in to fanslave then click update after that fanpage will shown

4.Click fan page

5. Will go either Facebook or Twitter or Google+ Just click likes

6.After clicking likes credits and cash is added to your account

7.Always click update when you log in to fanslave to get more fanslave

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