View Full Version : How to Import default browser in MC2 Step by Step Guide With Picture

07-23-2015, 19:38
Hello Guys,

Here is hst007 from clickers.info with a small tutorial for newbies.

Today I will show you how to import default browser in mc. Follow my instructions.

1. Open MC2 and click setting 3602

2. Now click on browser list 3603

3. Now click on capture 3604

4. After click capture a popup will come like that and click this link, after click this link your default browser will open automatically 3605

NOTE: For example I set mozilla firefox my default browser

5 & 6. Set your browser name and hit submit button 3606

7. Back to your mc2 then you can see a default browser is now set in mc2 and now click OK.

You can add plugin to start clicking.
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