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07-10-2013, 12:49
Last Updated on 20 August 2013

Serial Key Issues
Bad Serial Key :
Read this thread to find solution of your problem ..
Click here ([Only registered and activated users can see links])[updated on 30 aug 2013]
*you do not need to enter keys in Multiclicker v2.3 plugins.just generate key , plugin will verify itself.

Account Activation needed :
for aurora plugins if the plugin can not answer the cheat question's answer.
then you get message "Account Activation needed"
to resolve this login to respective ptc website and browse one ad.
there will cheat question answer it.and start your plugin again..
post question and answer of cheat question in respective plugin post.

Credits for Free Users :
If you are Free User then you will get 1 Credit every 3 hours.
If you do not use this credits you will not get credited until your credit is 0.
1 credit = 1 key for free users.
Free users can generate key for only one username per site.

How can Free users Get more Credits :
Recently there is no Plan to give credits
VIP users have unlimited credits , they can generate unlimited keys

I Cannot Download plugins :
If you cannot download plugins the following reasons,
(1)your email is not verified by clickers.
Check your email box for clickers.info verification email.
if you do not found verification mail check your spam folder.

I Cannot Download VIP plugins :
You can not download VIP plugins Unless you purchase vip membership.
VIP membership cost :
1 month : 5$/month
2 month : 9$/2 months
6 month : 25$/6 months

To buy vip Go here ([Only registered and activated users can see links])
Which Payment Gateways are available for purchasing ?

Currently we are supporting paypal and payza for payment.
if you want to pay via payza PM to 8055.

if you pay via paypal your vip activation will instant.

Download Link ClickersMulticlicker
Download Link :
[Only registered and activated users can see links]