The following plugin needs a update:

2crazyladiesptc,, adsclickcash, buxplatinum, clixfund, global-profits, moneytimebux, onlinerozeejobs, phd-bux, phd-clix shows a plugin error.

northbrabantbux is showing modified site script.

clickrush gives bad serial.

bestugabux, capital-clix, careerbux, diamond-mine-bux, dollars-euro-pounds-bux, kanbux, gold-rush-bux, gpt-promote, ioneasybux, jhbux, katbux, nerdbux, no-payout-minimum, operabux, pagoclik, play-bux, ptc4life, seosbux, surpriseptc, the-gold-mine-bux, trustclicker, valuablebux, yumabux doesn't click on any ads. It simply shows done.

cheetahptc, kaleidoscopeklicks requires to do manual cheat check by logging to their website.

katbux, pagoclik, kanbux has no plugin posted in their respective thread.
buxplatinum plugin is posted in buxfund thread and there is no plugin for buxfund.

Thank you

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