I forget for 1 rule about spreading plugins and registering on bux sites (1.-2.)
if you read this you accepted my rules so follow them
If you make mistake it is not late remove all plugins and you can still be member!

I have all information who generate key for which site and name
here some keys:
rootx ticbux a a095aae11673e405ede7828338c99d99
rootx ticbux b c9edf9fd0b2c762720497492155a7940
rootx relax-ptc2 rootx bbd5765c0ee6d10b672be79ab3052a0983258229f7b7da61e2 c2693a25cd3c5b
rootx relax-ptc2 porter 634fa714b994157e70ce25d366815eb32988148220d10292df e4382fe65c0093
rootx relax-ptc2 anhminhkhmt 58d3a2f532150dc3ef40bb99b0166452cf4d9e91a45a955700 e4db20d2fa3b9d
rootx relax-ptc2 bluesea112011 99fdcfaf76e8b18ab47f0fa8641a5773b881234360d1180788 7f25549bd548e9
rootx relax-ptc2 sunflower5 6b3ad941c06852896c7dcca2633194dfabad06aea1bead6415 f50070fa5a8fe4
rootx relax-ptc2 heatstreak c20fc5ace65fd6e0097945f9e0997f818d29da9c61545b2a3d b161b5efc2f3dd

I'm member of autoclickers.org (know for your site)
taking 200 credits

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