Marketing Terminal is an affiliate program based on real advertising company "Allgäu Consulting Betriebe UG".

Marketing Terminal GmbH

Maximilianstraße 13 - 80539 München
wird vertreten durch die Geschäftsführerin: Christine Hösle
Register und Registernummer: Handelsregister B München HRB 208431
UID: DE 291620577

The founders of Media Terminal have a lot of experience in this field since from 15 years in the work of the advertising industry.

Write to the company is free and has no obligation to take out right away, no package to earn the promotion. Purchase a package, we can make the collected funds to promote, but of course our profits will be higher and faster as we start buying the advertising package.

We choose the following packages that we buy by paying in euros:

50 euros - after completion of the payment we have 100 euros

100 Euro-after the end of the payment we have 200 euros

250 Euro-after the end of the payment we have 500 euros

500 Euro-after the end of the payment we have 1,000 euros, etc

Packets regardless of the price close at the same time 120 days.

There are no limits when buying packages, you can for example, purchase a single package for 500 euros but you can also buy packs of 50 euros, it all depends on their wallets and not of proportion to other companies.

After registration we just buying out the packets and do not have to worry about the display, tobacconists, subscriptions, everything is included in the package, the only cost is the purchase of our advertising packages.

The Media Terminal - all close the package at the same time, for example - the package as well as the 50 euro to 500 euro package closes at the same time.

Deposits make paying ordinary transfer the so-called European (SEPA)
Payments of commissions purchased packages get to your bank account

Minimum payout commissions from referrals is 30 euros

Payment of the fee for the package automatically at the end of the package.

Affiliate Program provides for a commission of 10% of the net purchase, I might add, that we get a commission on any purchase that is as low re-investment. The commission we get only the first level.

To promote currently have a lot of banners with links reference to a form German-speaking:

Registration Link:

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when you click the link above then complement personal information

Proof of payments:

I recommend to all who have put aside the money and would like somewhere to invest

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