Fandealer is a site which pays you good money for liking facebook pages, following people on twitter, liking fb photos and status updates, watching youtube videos and visiting websites.
All countries are accepted and minimum cashout is 15.
One facebook "like" earns you anywhere between 0.02 to 0.04. Thats quite high paying considering how easy and quick it is to "like" a facebook page.
You can earn more money just by referring others to the site. For each like or follow by your referral, you will get 20% of their earning for life.
Note: The site is initially in German when you visit (Since Fandealer is a German based site but serving worldwide). Just click the english flag on top rightside to change language to english.

Here is a simple strategy to maximize your earnings on fandealer. The thing is, new facebook 'likes' keep coming for you to click throughout the day. Refreshing the page continuously is very tedious. "Check4changes" is a Firefox extension which checks the page for any change you want and then alarm you if there are any changes. Use this tool to automatically check if new pages are available to like. It will alert you with a sound notification everytime there are new likes to click. You can also earn a lot more money if you can get referrals i.e. other people to join under you. Good luck.

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