Hey guys,

I came across a iPhone app called PhotoRewards, Basically you download the apps they offer you, install them wait for a confirmation and then upload a screenshot of that up you installed, you can also gain XP points by creating your own topic and other people upload pictures to your topic.

The more XP you have the more powerful your Referral code is, which will benefit you and benefit them. It took me awhile but now my account is level 7 so if you want to give it a go My code is
Also there is a SlotMachine you spin for free, you got 10 spins every 24 hours which wil gain your XP or Points.
When your request your money i usually get it within 5-10 min none of this 24 hour crap.

Edit: I Just noticed my pictures that i uploaded are small, Do i have to upload them to a imagehost ?

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